Resonate, by Ben Spencer

Words: Michelle Stead


I find my way back home by the birds and bones

By the westbound sun, to a place I’m known

The streets will remember, even if I don’t

I’ll find my way back home


What would an Alberta version of Amazing Grace sound like?

That was one of the questions the team tasked with building a new brand platform for ATB tried to answer earlier this year. They had settled on the ATB Listens idea and they knew the music would matter. There was a plan for something big that they began referring to as an anthem.

That anthem is now real. It’s a song called Resonate and it’s very much an Alberta song. But we’ve got to go to Montreal to find out where it came from.

Ben Spencer was living there in November of 2015. The native Edmontonian had been in Quebec for a decade when he accepted a position with ATB as a creative writer.

“I started writing a song about finding my way back home, which was a very literal sentiment at the time,” said the singer-songwriter in an interview at ATB Place in Edmonton.

Months later, back in Alberta, Ben is a full-fledged member of ATB's Reputation and Brand team entrenched in the brand work. His role had him searching through licensing websites where music is available for advertisers to buy.

“One thing we were sure about was that we didn’t want to be jingly, we didn’t want stock music.”

That’s when his own song came to mind.

His humility kept him from believing it was what they were looking for. But when you’re doing creative work you bring everything to the table. He was thinking the song they needed was something “like” his song.

But the rest of the team thought it hit all the right notes.

“The lyrics are a perfect love song about home, about Alberta,” said Jacqueline Comer, Associate Creative Director.

Even after hearing it hundreds of times during recording, production and editing work, the song hasn’t lost its meaning for Ben.

“It’s obviously super nostalgic and sentimental in some ways. Resonate means to sound again. And coming back home is to re-experience Alberta and all the things that I left behind. But at the same time to sort of rejuvenate.”

Ben is quick to credit all the other musicians and artists who’ve made the anthem what it is. He’s also adamant about what it’s not.

“I can’t emphasize enough that when I was writing this, I wasn’t in an advertising frame of mind. This was really just a song.”

Perhaps that’s what makes it feel so genuine. A fitting soundtrack for the ATB Story.


If you're interested, you can download the sheet music

April 13th, 2017

There's a song in every life.


Barb Wight I was hoping to find ALL the lyrics to this song. I listen to it all the time on my iPhone as well as watching the video on tv. Can you please send me all the lyrics so I can learn to sing along with it in the car and when I play on my computer? thank you - It speaks to me. Barb Wight

1 year ago

Darlene Crane Who sings this, please? Is it available for purchase/download anywhere?

1 year ago

Helen Hagel Love the song and am wondering where was it filmed at. Don't recognize some of the locations.

1 year ago

lcuthbertson Hi Helen, we're glad you like it! It was filmed in various locations across Alberta: Edmonton, Calgary, and some rural spots.

1 year ago

lcuthbertson Hi Darlene, so glad you like the song! Alex Vissia sings it. It's available for purchase and download here: If you scroll down a bit to the blue box, there are links to download it from SoundCloud, iTunes and Google Play, and to stream it on Spotify.

1 year ago

lcuthbertson Hi Barb, so glad you like it! Here are the full lyrics. Do you hear the sound In the trembling ground In the air, the wait so long For the sole keepsake Of an old heartache Is a whisper, an echo, a song I find my way back home by the birds and bones By the westbound sun to a place I’m known The streets will remember even if I don’t I’ll find my way back home Now a thorn finds place In a torn shoelace As green entwines the night And the hymnal freights Resonate Lead me on by sweet starlight I find my way back home by the words and moans By a promise made and a promise owed As gravity pulls from a moonlit road I’ll find my way back home

1 year ago

Peter Brown Really like the song used in this ATB commercial. It speaks to me. If I'm not mistaken, Alex Vissia is a member of a local family that I am acquainted with. Great voice that does the song true justice.

1 year ago

bstrader Thanks for the kind words. Glad you like it! :)

1 year ago

Dianna My husband and myself have been trying to find out who sings this beauitful song and finally found it tonight. We would really like to get this. Love love the song

1 year ago

bstrader Hi, Dianna! Thanks for your note. You can download the song here:

1 year ago

Douglas Like others before me,I find this lovely to listen to. I wish it were longer, as it is extremely soothing, and Alex Vissia is obviously very talented. Great job on the commercial. Have been with ATB a long time.

1 year ago

Bill Sounds a lot like Roseanne Cash's "Land of Dreams".

1 year ago

Lucille From the first time I saw this ATB ad, I have been searching for info on this amazing song. Thank you for having this sight. Just want to thank Ben Spencer for the beautiful lyrics, ones I can relate to being a proud Alberta all my life. The vocals by Alex Vissia are more than beautiful, a true talent. The video, lyrics and vocals say so much about where we come from. Our world needs more of this, to be sentimental and proud, all at the same time.

1 year ago

Linda Love this song..have retired to Nanaimo from St.Albert and love our home province and the lyrics to this fabulous song! Very catchy!

1 year ago

agustin so beautiful song, to anyone returning home after so many years of absence ... wonderful locations ...

1 year ago

jo-anne krischke Would love all the lyrics of the song an is available on cd

1 year ago

bstrader Hi, Jo-Anne. You can download the song here:

1 year ago