All-Albertan Song Contest

From Danny Vacon's Gold and Green to Michael Bernard Fitzgerald's Alberta to Transit's Alberta Anthem, the ATB Financial All-Albertan Song Contest has inspired some incredible music about our great province. So much so, we've decided to do it again.

Announcing the 2014 All-Albertan Song Contest!

Alberta songwriters: this is your chance to win $10,000 in cash for writing and recording a song about Alberta. It could be about a place, an event, a person or just a feeling you get from Alberta. Any genre of music works - from hip hop to folk and everything in between.

2013 All-Albertan Song Contest winner Transit

Enter your original, non-published song about Alberta by 12:00 pm on September 3. Complete contest rules and entry form are found below.

For a little added inspiration, take a listen to our 2013 finalists.

2014 All-Albertan Song Contest Rules

2014 All-Albertan Song Contest Rules

1. Entrants must be Albertan and living in Alberta at the time of entry.

2. Entrants will record and submit an original, new, non-released song about Alberta. The song must be written and performed by the entrant.

3. Entrants will submit the song in a commonly used electronic audio format (i.e.: MP3), or on a CD.

4. Entrants will submit a legible lyrics sheet.

5. Entrants will submit a photo of themselves.

6. Entrants will submit contact information in a separate document, including song title, home phone number and e-mail address; that information won’t be disclosed to parties outside the contest.

7. Audio files of each song entered will up uploaded to the wearealberta Sound Cloud account for the duration of the contest.

8. Entrants can not be employees, or family members of employees, or board representatives, or family members of board representatives, of ATB Financial, the Alberta Foundation for the Arts, CKUA Radio, or Alberta Music.

9. The winning entrant:

     a. Receives $10,000 from ATB Financial
     b. Receives $2,000 toward the professional recording of a “radio-ready” version of the song, from Alberta Music
     c. Will be considered to have the song included on an upcoming Alberta Music Sampler 
     d. Agrees to record a “radio-ready” version of the song at a professional recording studio arranged by Alberta Music
     e. Agrees that the professionally recorded version of the song will appear on Alberta Music’s Sampler if selected
     f. Is free to negotiate for and decide on any further uses of the song, and retains its copyright
     g. Agrees to be photographed and interviewed for a story on the ATB Financial community website
     h. Agrees to allow Alberta Music to use his/her likeness and information about his/her winning entry in its promotional materials
     i. Agrees to perform a live concert for ATB Financial for an additional talent fee at to-be-determined date and location (within Alberta)

10. The second-place entrant receives $3,000 in cash from ATB Financial.

11. The third-place entrant receives $2,000 in cash from ATB Financial.

12. *Entries will be accepted through the entry form found on this page or through conventional mail to:

Barry Strader
ATB Place
21st FL 10020 - 100 Street
Edmonton, AB
T5J 0N3

13. Entrants’ materials will not be returned. Due to logistical considerations, the contest administrator will not be able to guarantee acknowledgment that an entry has been received.

14. Deadline for entries is 12:00 pm, September 3, 2014.

15. From the pool of entries, a short-list of three to six entries will be chosen from a panel of judges from Alberta Music, CKUA and ATB Financial.

16. The short-listed entries – both song and lyrics – will be posted on ATB Financial’s community website The short-listed entries will also be made available for download on the website CD Baby. Proceeds from each download will be donated to the charity of ATB’s choice. Entrants agree to this, without qualification.

17. Albertans will be invited to vote on ATB Financial’s Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram for their favourite entry from the short-list. Each “like” on Facebook and Instagram and each “favourite” on Twitter count as one vote. Each song download on CD Baby counts as 10 votes.

18. The winning entries – first place, second place and third place – will be chosen from a combination of public voting and a final round of judging.

19. The first-place winner will be revealed live on CKUA radio on September 25, 2014.

20. ATB Financial, Alberta Music and CKUA assume that all entrants – by their submission of songs for this contest – agree to these rules.

*Entry submission details to be updated – check back for further details.

July 30th, 2014

Entry Form

Please enter a primary phone number in the format 123-456-7890. If your entry is selected we must be able to contact you.
Please upload a photo of yourself. Allowed filetypes are JPG and GIF. Max file size allowed is 4MB
Please select an MP3 or OGG file to upload as an entry. The maximum file size allowed is 10MB.
Please upload a text document with the lyrics to your entry. You can upload a .txt, .doc, .docx, .rtf, .pdf file.


tyrone hi there i was wondering if there is an age limit in this contest? also wondering if i could submit three songs all together. one each written by a different band member?

1 month ago

bstrader Hi, Tyrone, Barry from ATB here. If your band would like to submit three songs as a band, that is fine. Or you could each enter individually. There is no limit on the number of entries or age. Thanks for your interest!

1 month ago

bstrader I should add, if you enter a song as a band or group, any prize money won would be shared among the band members as you see fit.

1 month ago

tyrone hello barry, just wondering would it be best if we submitted three songs on three different files but in one email?

1 month ago

Mike Petroff Hi. Sorry, can't find entrance form anywhere... Can you pls. forward. Thanks, Mike

1 month ago

bstrader Hi, Tyrone and Mike, Our entry form is now available on the page. Cheers, Barry

1 month ago

Adele I recorded my `In Alberta` song independently a few years ago, but have not released it to radio, with the exception of a couple feature programs showcasing new artists. I sell the cd as I tour, and in one store locally. Would my song still qualify?

1 month ago

bstrader Hi, Adele, Thanks very much for your interest. Unfortunately, since you have already published the song on a CD for purchase, this particular song would not be eligible for our contest. We would love to hear a new, unpublished song from you about Alberta, so if an inspiration comes to you before September 3, please enter! Cheers, Barry

1 month ago

Adele Please remove my entry, as I found this comment section after I entered. Thanks.

1 month ago

Dick Warkentin How do we know if our song, photos and lyrics have been received properly? I would hate to have done something incorrectly. The reason I ask is, after I uploaded my photos and lyrics i can't read or make out what it is. It's very pixilated. is this normal?

1 month ago

bstrader Hi, Dick, We are working on an email notification for each entry and should have that function shortly. We did receive your entry and all necessary elements. Thanks very much and good luck!

1 month ago

Bill I I am primarily a lyric writer. If I enlist a musician/singer to assist with the song, how much accompanying singing/playing do I need to do to qualify under your performance rules? Thanks

1 month ago

bstrader Hi, Bill, Sorry for the late reply. You can definitely have someone assist you on the song. I would suggest you enter the contest together. If you should win any prize money, you and your collaborators would share as you see fit.

1 month ago

Phyl Hi We played an original song I wrote at a free event and someone recorded it. I have the recording and am wondering if that is ok to upload or do you need a professional quality recording? Thanks

2 weeks ago

bstrader Hi, Phyl, Live recordings are perfectly acceptable as long as the quality of the recording is good. If you're not confident about the quality of the recording, you might want to record it on your own, but there's no need for a professional studio recording. Thanks for your interest and we look forward to your entry! Cheers, Barry from ATB

2 weeks ago

PJ Probably not open to ATB employees, eh? Couldn't find anything in the Ts&Cs.

1 week ago

bstrader Hi, PJ, Sorry for the late reply. You're right, the contest is not open to ATB employees, as indicated in the contest rules: 8. Entrants can not be employees, or family members of employees, or board representatives, or family members of board representatives, of ATB Financial, the Alberta Foundation for the Arts, CKUA Radio, or Alberta Music. Friends are welcome to enter, though!

1 week ago

Jodi Doidge Hi Barry, I've just submitted my entry form, are artists allowed to post a clip of the song on their own websites to give fans a listen before Sept 8th? Thank you! Jodi

4 days ago

bstrader Hi, Jodi, Absolutely, feel free to share. We will also add your tune to our wearealberta SoundCloud account as soon as we can. Thanks for entering! Cheers, Barry

4 days ago