The Food Truck Experience

Food Trucks.

We know you love them. We love them, too.

We’re lucky in Alberta to have so many great food trucks serving up the finest in street level cuisine. This summer, we partnered with two of the best!

The Red Wagon Diner food truck in Calgary helped us celebrate our 75th birthday by offering delicious, free ATB cupcake with the purchase of any item on the Red Wagon Diner menu.

And in Edmonton, The Act Food Truck served up its brand new ATB burger with avocado, tomato and bacon. (ATB – get it?)

Turned out to be a pretty tasty summer.

October 23rd, 2013

Alberta's food trucks and ATB come together to bring you the best of meals on wheels.


gary cox all u get is a free cupcake?? hardly worth the price of gas to go...

4 years ago

gkubish Hey, it's Glenn here at ATB. Thanks for the cupcake brick toss! But, remember, they're not just any cupcakes. :) They're from Kruse's in the neighbourhood, made by SAIT apprentices last night = fresh. And the sweet blue cream cheese icing kinda goes with a 23 degree day. We brought in tables to take away the standing food truck dining experience. And a lunch bag and some treats inside. Worth the price of gas? Maybe not, but that says more about the price of gas these days. :( (Which we tried to help with last week in Calgary with 75 cents off a litre).

4 years ago

mother T GARY COX sense of entitlement is pretty disgusting! I say anything proferred free (albeit with a small business plug) Should be appreciated because free is fairly hard done by these days. I just enjoyed a free surprise coffee endorsed by ATB and Second Cup and I will enjoy every single drop without complaining! Boo ya!

4 years ago